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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aap India Restaurant

At Aap India Restaurant, we offer authentic cuisine in a friendly and informal setting. We conveniently located in Cincinnati downtown. we strive to offer The Best Indian Cuisine in city.

Enjoy superior service, the fragrant and flavorful Indian cuisine at our Aap India Restaurant. At Aap India, we provide traditional dishes prepared from family recipes and we are proud to offer authentic Indian cuisine that will delight your senses. We invite you and your family to join us for a new dine-in experience and discover the delicious flavors of India.

Our Specialty

Our menu offers a selection of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and light dishes to cater to every dietary need. Try our Tandoori Cuisine and experience the elegance and taste of the Indian Maharajas' era for a truly memorable dining experience.

Traditional Cooking

Indian cuisine is the renowned name for the foods of the India. The various spices, herbs, and vegetables, including fruits grown in India, and are used to practice vegetarianism in Indian society. Indian Cuisine includes a variety of dishes and cooking techniques. Highly aromatic and delicate spices reflect Indian food specialties that have influenced the world.

“Spicy” does not always mean that a dish is hot. “Spicy” means the mixture of aroma and spices which are not only used for flavor but also stimulating the appetite and medicinal advantages. Our highly experienced, native chefs are committed to preparing the best Indian food using the freshest ingredients.

Catering Services

At Aap India Restaurant, we provide catering services for all occasions and we offer a variety of menus for you to choose from for your event. No party is too large or too small for our staff and all dishes are prepared fresh to ensure your guests enjoy the finest in Indian cuisine. 


  1. Going to try it tonight! FINALLY.... Westside India Cuisine.

  2. Going to try it tonight! FINALLY.... Westside India Cuisine.

  3. Food is great! This is our new go to spot for Indian!! Although it is still strange to be sitting in what use to be a Taco Bell from when I was a child. I wish they would start delivering! They would make a ton of money if they did just from me!

  4. I was so excited when we finally got an India restaurant on our side of town. I went there the 1st week and it was awful. The food is priced higher than the other India restaurants and the sauce is watery. I love chicken Makhani, this place need to try their competitor's food in order to discover how to do it right. Was so disappointed, never went back. I am comparing to Ambar (my favorite and cheaper) and Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine my second favorite. Both have much richer thicker sauces and lower prices especially on lunch. I mean 8.99 for lunch???

  5. Anyone know how much the lunch buffet costs?